100% Natural

Surrounded by naturally preserved open space, North Rim provides an environment that is unparalleled within Bend. With homes that sit on one acre and larger homesites, the careful restoration of plants and rocks in all disturbed areas and landscaping that is limited to native species, residents enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape. Winding pathways, integrated parks and recreation areas, towering mature trees and unobstructed views of Bend’s most spectacular scenery make North Rim a great place to experience the splendor of Oregon’s high desert.

Staying Firewise

In 2015, North Rim became a Firewise Community. Firewise USA is a nationally recognized program that provides guidance on balancing healthy native landscapes and wildlife habitat with reducing the risk of wildfires. North Rim supports fire-fuel reduction through community and individual homeowner actions. In addition, Firewise events provide information to homeowners about mitigating risk by creating defensible space around houses and landscaping with fire-resistant plants.